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Do you have doubts about what will be one of the trips of your life?
Let us help you plan your trip to have the best experience in Madagascar.
In Baobab Adventure we want to help you plan your trip to the African island, from the resolution of the first doubts that may arise until you return home.
We are aware that it is a great trip that can generate many doubts and we want to show that it is a quiet and hospitable country, unique for its fauna, its flora and its culture.
Baobab Adventure Madagascar


  1. Propose a selection of original and complete itineraries.

  2. Offer professional and personalized advice to design your trip.

  3. Share our passion for Madagascar, its natural and human environment.

  4. Work with the best guides and collaborators on the island.

  5. Sustainable and responsible commitment. We firmly believe that this arises with the joint action of the local population, tourism professionals and travelers.

  6. Promote and develop an environmentally friendly tourism.

  7. Support local communities by developing tourism products that contribute to their economic growth and the conservation of their natural and heritage resources.


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In Baobab Adventure we have a great team of professional Malagasy tour guides who speak several languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French).


They will accompany you at all times and facilitate your interaction with local people to achieve an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Baobab Adventure Madagascar
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