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The visa can be processed upon arrival if the trip has a maximum duration of thirty days.
The valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months is required.
The rates amount to 35 euros.
Pharmacies in the main cities of Madagascar have all kinds of medicines, although it is advisable to take them from our country of origin. It is important to bring anti-mosquito repellent. It is advisable to take malaria prophylaxis.
The official and most spoken language in Madagascar is Malagasy, although French is also used, especially in urban areas. If you wish, we will show you some basic words and expressions. The local population will thank you and improve your experience.

The official currency of Madagascar is the ariary. € 1 equals approximately 3500 ariary. There are exchange houses and banks to change (even at the International Airport Exchange Office upon arrival). In the cities there are ATMs to get money with a card.


Traditional and modern religions coexist in Madagascar. The most popular are Catholic, Protestant, Seventh-day Adventist and Islam.

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