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The flora and fauna of Madagascar is unique and peculiar.

On the Island of Madagascar, 98% of its land mammals, 92% of its reptiles, 68% of its plants and 41% of its birds are endemic.

It has one of the most varied and unique faunas in the world where they stand out: lemurs, gecko, Madagascar boa, radiated turtle, and about half of all known chameleon species.

In addition to our circuits, where you can contemplate the Malagasy nature, we also propose visits to the following national parks and nature reserves:










Day 1: Antananarivo - Andasibe

Visit the private reserve of Peyrieras to observe chameleons and lemurs.


Day 2: Andasibe

Visit the Analamazaotra National Park and the Vakona private reserve to take the best pictures of lemurs.


Day 3: Andasibe - Antsirabe

Along the way, in the village of Ambatolampy, visit the artisanal manufacture of pots with recovered aluminum objects. Visit of the colonial city of Antsirabe.


Day 4: Antsirabe - Ranomafana

Visit the Ranomafana village and its thermal pool.


Day 5: Ranomafana - Fianarantsoa

Day dedicated to the visit of the Ranomafana National Park. Return to Fianarantsoa.


Day 6: Fianarantsoa - Ambalavao - Ranohira

Visit the Anja private reserve to see ring-tailed lemurs and route to Ranohira.


Day 7: Ranohira

Visit of the Isalo National Park.


Day 8: Isalo - Tulear

Departure and visit of the Zombitse national park. Arrive in Tulear to catch the flight back to Antananarivo.



Day 1: Antananarivo - Antsiranana

Flight from Antananarivo to Antsiranana. In the afternoon, visit the three famous bays of Antsiranana. It is a wild and beautiful environment. On the way, stop in the village of Ramena.


Day 2: Antsiranana - Amber Mountain

Visit of the Amber Mountain national park. This park is home to 25 species of mammals, of which they are native to the northern part of Madagascar. 75 different bird species also exist in this area, in addition to the "crowned lemur" or the "brookesia" chameleon, the smallest in the world.


Day 3: Amber Mountain - Ankarana

After a few hours of route south, visit the "Red Tsingy" and arrive in Ankarana.


Day 4: Ankarana

Visit of the Ankarana National Park.


Day 5: Ankarana - Antsiranana - Antananarivo

In the morning, return to Antsiranana for approximately 3 hours and then to the airport. Flight to Antananarivo.




Day 1: Antananarivo - Morondava - Kirindy

Flight to Morondava and transfer to Kirindy National Park. Stunning landscapes of baobabs, including the famous "Avenue of the Baobabs". Walk in the forest of Kirindy for more discoveries (lemur Sifaka de Verreaux and hopefully the "pit", the largest predator in Madagascar). Night walk in Kirindy to learn more about active night lemurs as the smallest lemur in the world.


Day 2: Kirindy - Belo - Bekopaka

Crossing the Tsiribihina river to discover the local flora and fauna.

Overnight at the hotel


Day 3: Bekopaka


Visit of the great Tsingy de Bemaraha, a UNESCO world heritage site, formation of sharp and rare limestone pinnacles, which house some species of lemurs, several species of birds and endemic plants.



Day 4: Bekopaka - Belo - Morondava


Cross the Tsiribihina river on a local ferry to Morondava. Stop on Baobab Avenue for sunset.




Return to the capital.



Day 1: Antananarivo - Maroantsetra - Masoala

Flight to Maroantsetra, gateway to the great rainforest of the Masoala Peninsula. Upon arrival, board a boat for Masoala. In the afternoon, excursion to Tampolo in search of some wildlife.


Day 2: Masoala National Park

Walk inside the Masoala National Park. This is the most lush forest in Madagascar with endemic wildlife species.


Day 3: Excursion to Nosy Mangabe.

From the morning, boat trip to Nosy Mangabe. This small island offers the opportunity to meet some more species, especially the amazing "leaf-tailed gecko", birds and reptiles.


Day 4: Masoala - Maroantsetra - Antananarivo

In the morning, transfer by boat to Maroantsetra, then by car to the airport to take the flight to Antananarivo.




Day 1: From Antananarivo, route to Andasibe.



Day 2: Andasibe, visit to the Mantadia national park and Vakona reserve

Visit of the Andasibe Mantadia National Park with a lush forest and offering the opportunity to meet endemic species such as the rare bird called "pittalike ground roller" or endemic lemurs such as "diademed sifaka", reptiles, ... In the afternoon, visit the Vakona private reserve to observe lemurs. Later, night walk in search of nocturnal species of lemurs, chameleons, frogs ...



Day 3: Andasibe - Antananarivo

Morning walk in the Andasibe Perinet National Park. This is the best place to meet the largest species of lemur, the "Indri Indri", , birds, reptiles and many others. After the visit, return to Antananarivo.

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